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Online Textbook Request Form

Printable Texbook Request Form

To submit your textbook adoptions, please email Donna Huebner bookstore@oxy.edu


The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) requires the College to post course requirements online so your students can see them WHEN THEY ARE REGISTERING.

Textbook requisitions are due to the Bookstore two weeks before the first day students register for classes. Please submit your order so that required texts can be listed for students in one location at the time of registration. Order forms are available through Moodle (Administrative Offices and Departments/Bookstore) and at the top of this page. You may submit the form onlone OR print out the form and email it to Donna Huebner bookstore@oxy.edu.

Department heads and faculty: Textbook requisitions need to be submitted EVERY semester for EVERY class that has required materials.

Problems related to textbook and supply orders such as canceled courses or textbooks changes should be communicated to the Occidental Bookstore immediately in order to remain federally compliant.

Many students utilize the Student Account Voucher program available in the Bookstore at the start of each semester. This program gives students the ability to spread payments out over the semester or use loans & financial aid to pay for textbooks and course materials. Students rely on the Bookstore to have accurate required course material information so that they can use their funds economically whether they utilize the Voucher program or not.

Students may purchase course materials from a variety of sources. The Occidental College Bookstore, an independent, self-operated entity, strives to keep prices reasonable and to provide a wide variety of comprehensive services to students and faculty. Purchasing from the Bookstore keeps dollars on campus, and funds the staff salaries and operational expenses to provide these services.

Please note this important compliance information:
No employee (including faculty) or department shall receive any payment, loan, subscription, advance, deposit of money, services or anything, present or promised, as an inducement for requiring students enrolled at Occidental to purchase specific textbooks or instructional material required for coursework or instruction.

It is a potential conflict of interest for an employee, faculty member or department to receive any inducement (as noted above) from publishers or other course material providers for directing students to purchase from any entity.

Sample copies of textbooks or instructional material, instructor copies of textbooks or other instructional material, are not to be sold by faculty, staff, or the Bookstore. No instructional material vendor shall solicit Occidental faculty and staff members for the purpose of buying or selling "free review" instructional materials that have been provided by a publisher at no charge.